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Maah Daah Hey Trail

  “Maah-Daah-Hey”, roughly translated, means ‘grandfather’ or ‘something that has been, or will be, around for a long time’. The Mandan Indians named the trail and, in ages past, the track was used by traveling war parties and hunters. Just saying the name, “Maah-Daah-Hey” conjures up images of our forefathers—Sitting Bull, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lewis and Clark who, as they traveled this land, found it very much the same as it is today. The north end of the Maah-Daah-Hey Trail is located approximately 16 miles south of Watford City, off highway 85, near the CCC Campground. The trail travels through state and private land winding approximately 100 miles through the Little Missouri National Grasslands.

The Trail links the North and South Units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Several campsites are available along or near the Maah Daah Hey Trail.  Exploring this scenic trail whether for one day, two days, or five days is an adventure in fortitude.

Wooden trail markers, located approximately every 500 feet or so and are branded with the sign of the turtle (honored by the Lakota because of its attributes of firm determination, steadfastness, patience, long life and fortitude) guide trail travelers on their way.

China Wall North End Maah Daah Hey

CCC Campgrounds

Self Closing Gate


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